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Emergency Preparedness

Make sure you are ready for an emergency or disaster at any time.

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Emergency Preparedness

May 5, 2011
May 5, 2011
Spring 2011 Newsletter

An environmental emergency can strike at any time and without warning. Make sure that you and the individual(s) you support are prepared. 

This newsletter offers information on principles of emergency preparedness, how to prepare for an environmental emergency, personal support teams, emergency shelters, and contacting family. 

Read and download the newsletter by clicking the link below. 

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First Aid and Disaster Kits

August 8, 2003
August 8, 2003
Emergency Preparedness

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The world seems to be changing very rapidly and what we once thought were adequate safety precautions may no longer be sufficient. When we hear of tragic or disastrous events, our sense of well being may be threatened. A person with a developmental disability or their family member may face enhanced fears due to limitations the person may have in preparedness that increase their vulnerability.

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